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Miss Vickie's Jalapeño flavour kettle cooked potato chips

Miss Vickie's Jalapeño flavour kettle cooked potato chips

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If you love crunch, you’ll love Miss Vickie's Jalapeño flavour kettle cooked potato chips! Crafted using a unique blend of spices, including jalapeño pepper and hints of onion, paprika, and garlic for an added kick!

For those who like it hot, Miss Vickie's Jalapeño flavour kettle cooked potato chips are a go-to. The popular jalapeño pepper has found it's perfect partner in the kettle cooked potato chip from Miss Vickie's.

Miss Vickie's Jalapeño flavour kettle cooked potato chips have no trans fat, are cholesterol-free, and are low in saturated fat per 50 g serving. No artificial flavours or colours, and no preservatives! Oh, and no MSG!NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS OR COLOURS - Quality ingredients cooked with care.

KETTLE COOKED - These kettle cooked potato chips have no trans fat and are low in saturated fat per 50 g serving, but they still have that amazing crunch Canadians love.

CHOLESTEROL-FREE - Enjoy these chips even more because they are cholesterol-free per 50 g serving!

FIRE IT UP - There's a pleasure to be had in spice, a pleasure that comes from firing up your taste buds with jalapeño flavour!

GREAT FOR ANY OCCASION - We suggest taking a bag along for your next road trip.
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