Return Policy


Else Customers have the right to request product returns at no additional charge within 24 hours after the initial delivery date. 

 In order to exercise this policy, the returned item must meet the following requirements:

  1. The item is not on Else’s list of Non-Returnable Products and/or Product


List of Non-Returnable Products and Product Categories

  1. Perishable items including all food and beverages.

Return Process for Else Customers

  1. The customer initiates through customer support directly.
  2. Customer Support will collect a reason for the return. The customer may be asked

to provide reasons including but not limited to:

  1. The product was damaged.
  2. The packaging was damaged.
  3. The order arrived too late.
  4. The product did not match the online description.
  5. The customer received an incorrect item or an incorrect quantity.
  6. Pending the reason for the return, Customer Support will coordinate a return order

with the customer directly. Please note that in some cases, customers may be asked to keep or dispose of the product.

  1. A refund for the product returned will be issued to the customer once that product has been received at our local warehouse.