Use the space available in your home to earn extra income

Join our community of Housers , store, deliver and get paid.

How it works?

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 Receive and store  a few boxes in your apartment.

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Get  paid  for receiving the boxes.

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Be notified and paid  via our app for each new delivery that you complete.


Get paid

Your space is now a regular source of income! Join us and start making hundreds of dollars every month.

Be your own boss

Designed for busy students and employees you can store and deliver what you want when you want.


Benefit from an additional source of income without having to rent your whole apartment and without having to own a car. A closet or an empty corner and go!

24/7 Support

We are always here to assist you when you need us. A question? A problem? You can reach us anytime.

A dynamic community

Join a growing community that helps make e-commerce more efficient. Help bring smiles to thousands of consumers by making shipping much faster.


Are you a Houser?

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